Remodeling: Live in or Move out

Where to live during a remodel is a major concern for most families who are planning to remodel their home.  Contractors and architects are familiar with this question.  Each project and family dynamics is unique, so it sometimes takes quite a bit of thought on everyone’s part to see if living in the house during a remodel is feasible.
Several things should be taken into consideration if you are thinking about living in your house during a remodel:
– Will you have easy access into and out of the house?
-If you are remodeling your kitchen, will you be able to ‘survive’ without a kitchen or with a make-shift kitchen for the duration of your project?
-Do you have a baby, small children, or a chemical sensitivity?  Most older homes have some level of lead in the paint, possible asbestos that needs to be abated, or other toxins.  You may not want to be in the house during the demolition phase if this is the case.

If moving out of your home is not an option (due to budget or other restrictions), you may want to consider phasing your project to allow you to live in the home during the remodel.  This may add some cost to the overall construction budget.  Contact your architect to discuss options for planning your remodel.

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