Color: Setting the Mood and Atmosphere

wallPicking the right color for a space is a daunting task for most homeowners.  There are so many options available and it is difficult to know how to select the best combination.  Avocado, mint julep, key lime pie?  They all sound very tasty, but how do you know which one will achieve the desired affect?
Color is an easy and inexpensive way to freshen a room and change the look of the space.  More importantly it also affects our mood, activity level, and sets the atmosphere.  Using color in a space can be done in several ways: painting a whole room one color, an accent wall, or accent through art or furnitures pieces within a room.
Take one room at a time and think about the purpose and functions of the room.  What kind of activities go on in the room?  Quiet and reflective? Active and vibrant?  These questions will help to narrow down your color choices.  For example, you may not select Fire Engine Red for your living room where you enjoy reading and quiet conversations with friends. A soothing blue tone might be a better option. After you have determined a color scheme for each room, lay out the color chips together.  Maintaining color flow and coordination throughout the house ties all the rooms together into a cohesive project.
Emotions can be evoked by color:
Greens:  Nature, environment, peaceful, calming
Red: Fire, passion, energy
Oranges: Energetic and welcoming, warm, tender
Blue: Soothing, cool, pleasant, formal, peaceful, calm
Yellows:  Energetic, bright, welcoming
Rich tones (color moving to black): same emotion as the color, but amplified or stronger emotion
Pastels tones (color moving to white): same emotion as the color, but related to calm, light, airy, delicate, elegant
Neutral: white, black, brown, gray
Everyone has colors that they enjoy.  It is wise to use colors that not only evoke the emotion of the space, but also ones that make you feel good and those that you are drawn to.

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