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What is a reasonable time frame for my project?

Depending on factors, such as size, scope, complexity, and how quickly decisions can be made will affect the time frame of your project.  The averages that H2D has seen on various types of past projects are as follows:
-Kitchen Remodel:
  • Design 2-4 months
  • Construction 2-4 months
-2nd Story Addition:

  • Design 2-5 months
  • Construction 4-6 months
-Single Story Addition (bump out):

  • Design 2-4 months
  • Construction 2-6 months
-New Single Family Home:

  • Design 6-12+ months
  • Construction 8-12+ months
Each project is unique in design, size, site conditions, and existing conditions which will affect the time frame.  Other considerations are consultants design time, permit review times (critical areas, steep slopes, and other site conditions may have an extended review time), and bidding and negotiation.
To discuss your project, contact Heidi Helgeson and H2D Architecture and Design at 206-370-4762.

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