Building With Less Wood

Wood is one of the most prevalent materials used in our homes today.  Most homes are constructed of wood framing with wood beams, posts, and plywood sheathing.  When thinking about ways to reduce the resources that go into homes, advanced framing should be one that comes to mind.

Advanced framing is a green construction method aimed towards significantly reducing the lumber package for the project.  Advanced framing reduces the amount of lumber necessary through several methods:

  • wall and floor framing at 24″ o.c. vs 16″ o.c.
  • single top plate versus a double top plate
  • headers sized for each opening vs one size fits all method which ends up in many headers being oversized
  • headers not required in non-load bearing walls (confirm with your local building codes)
  • larger stud bays allow for increased insulation
  • a reduction in area for heat loss through thermal bridging between the conditioned area and the exterior

See an illustrated example of advanced framing.  To learn more about advanced framing or how you can incorporate sustainable materials and construction methods into your project, contact Heidi Helgeson at 206-370-4762 or at


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