H2D Architecture + Design Studio

From deconstruction to the finished space, we have been working hard to build the H2D studio from the ground up. The idea started with creating a multi-purpose space out of the original dilapidated 1940s single car garage on the property. The studio is designed to house the office of H2D Architecture + Design. In addition, the space is laid out to be easily converted into a mother-in-law suite or rentable accessory dwelling unit in the future.  H2D has been working hands-on throughout design and construction with sustainability and energy efficiency as the ultimate goals and has gained Built Green certification for the building.

Green features include:

– Deconstruction, recycling, and reuse of the existing structure
– Job site recycling of construction waste
– Reuse of the existing foundation for the studio (new plumbing was planned in new addition to minimize cutting of the existing founation)
– Rainscreen siding assembly
– 50-year warranty siding material
– Energy efficient blown-in-batts (BIBS) and eco-batt
– Phenol, formaldehyde free attic insulation
– Light colored interior finishes to reflect daylighting (eliminate need for electric lights during the daytime hours)
– Cermic tile flooring (easy cleaning, eliminate collection of moisture or contaminants)
– Zero-VOC paint
– Cross ventilation with operable windows
– Used salvaged materials and salvaged lumber


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