Madison Park Remodel and Addition

H2D is currently working with a great client on a remodel and addition to her new home.  This Madison Park house is in great need of some updating and care.  The existing foundation is made of brick masonry and is starting to fail.  The project will entail lifting the house to replace the existing masonry foundation with a new concrete foundation.  The house will be set down allowing for additional head height to create a full, useable basement which will be turned into a rental unit.  The design goals are to bring back the historic craftsman character of the house through renovating both the exterior and interior.  Green strategies include installing a green roof above the new addition at the rear of the house, creating an energy efficient envelope, installing rain screen siding assembly, and using low-toxic, sustainable materials throughout the interior.

Construction has started!

 We’ll continue to post pictures of the construction to keep you updated on this exciting project.


One response to “Madison Park Remodel and Addition

  1. Hi Heidi,
    Looks like you’re staying busy. Let me know if you need any bids on any of your upcomming projects. I’m working on one in the Madison Valley now and just finished a new home on Beacon Hill. I think you will find my rates are very competative and our attention to quality and detail is up there with the best in town. I also have developed a good reputation for developing strong relationships with all my clients.

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