Northgate Kitchen Remodel

The design process is underway on H2D‘s recent project in the Northgate area of Seattle.  The family kitchen is original to this older Seattle home and is in need of updating.  Efficiency, layout of workspaces in relationship to the appliances, and material selection are key factors in the design.

Design features include:

– Traditional style cabinetry to match with the style of the home

– Glass panels in the upper cabinets

– Low maintenance, highly durable quartz countertops

– New appliances

– Marmoleum flooring in the kitchen

– New hardwood in other areas

– More efficient storage and pantry

– Custom backsplash tile made in Jerusalem

Below is the view of the bank of cabinets with glass paneled upper cabinets.

Below is a view of the island and peninsula.  The peninsula will serve as a space for entertaining, casual eating, and as a work station.











Below is a view of the new archway from the kitchen to the recreation room.  This new archway will tie together with the style of the existing arches in the home.


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