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Design A Fabulous Shower

Showering has become a luxurious experience. With many new fixtures and systems available today, it is easy to bring a spa-like experience into your own home. The multitude of options available can become daunting to a homeowner embarking on a bathroom remodel. It is important to understand the type of showerhead or showering system that best fits your needs when designing a new shower in your home.

Standard showerhead

shower head12

The standard showerhead can come as a fixed showerhead that is permanently installed on the wall or as a hand-held showerhead on a bar with a flexible hose which allows for adjustable height and option to be hand held.  The standard showerhead allows for a variety of spray patterns and options, such as pulse,  massage, wide spray, directed spray, etc.  The standard showerhead is also available in a low-flow model which helps with energy efficiency by reducing the amount of water that is used with each shower.

Rain shower

032213_H2D_04The rain showerhead simulates the experience of standing outside in the rain.  The showerhead allows for a high volume of water to flow with an even, gentle shower.  The rain shower head does not allow the user to change flow pressure.  A rain showerhead can be installed on the wall and is also available as a ceiling mounted unit.

Ceiling Mounted Shower Tile/Panel


The ceiling mounted shower tile or shower panel is installed flush with the ceiling of the shower.  This type of showerhead provides a similar experience to the rain showerhead with a large volume of water simulating rain.  The shower tile/panel comes in a variety of sizes and some types even provides options for light and sound.  The shower tile provides a clean, contemporary look in the shower and visually disappears with the ceiling.

Body Sprays

2013Nov_H2D_Web_020The bodyspray provides a spray that is directed to a specific location.  The bodysprays are typically mounted on the wall flush with the tile.  They are located to provide targeted spray for a specific location, such as runners tired legs or aching backs.   The bodysprays come with options for direct spray and other types provide options for adjustability of the spray.



Other showering options may include steam showers, digital shower controls, multiple shower heads or multiple types of showerheads.


Greenwood Farmhouse

One of H2D’s recently completed projects is a kitchen and bathroom remodel for a century old farmhouse in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle.  H2D and the owners worked for several months on a holistic plan for bringing back the original traditional style of the home, inclusive of a whole house remodel and addition to the rear of the house.  The project was broken into several phases that met the owner’s budget.  Phase One entailed remodeling the kitchen and adding a new bathroom to the upper floor.  These finished spaces are an amazing tranformation from the existing spaces.  Traditional detailing for the remodeled spaces was essential to this project.  Period style tilework, millwork, and flooring was chosen to help restore the historic period of the home. 

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 Project Details: 

 Contractor: NCompass Construction

 Cabinetry:  Superior Cabinets

 Flooring:  Marmoleum

 Countertop:  Caesarstone Quartz

 Tile:  Ambiente Tile 

 Photos by:  Chris Watkins Photography